Tuesday, November 20, 2012



1. I think I may be finished with these TOTs... not sure whether to finish out the year or not.

2. I am so far behind with Christmas this year - sooooooo far behind. Haven't finalized the menu - it's really bad. I'm almost in panic mode, actually. I did start buying some presents but I never really stop buying - I'm a year round buyer.

3. It doesn't really mean too much, though, because most of the stuff is for me. I'm so easy to buy for!

4. Cara was out shopping and texted me a picture of some snowmen. - I told her I am banned from buying another snowman... I've said it before - unless there is a pig in one hand and a pug in the other and it has mickey ears on - STOP me from buying any more snow people... and trees!!! No more trees. I caved and bought this one the other day.  I think I saw this last year and passed on it.  I'm surprised about that because it's very me.  I'm hoping that I actually didn't buy it and forgot about it because you know I won't be able to give this guy up now.

5. Hello, Turkey Butter. Hello.

6. I still call these (cameo apples) "word up" apples.

7. Who needs one of these?  I stood for awhile in Target wondering that... and had a very hard time walking away because I would like to have one.  ;-)

8. School lunches will never be the same.

9. Caution - Dog can't control her licker!

10. Saw this adorable rosebud dress in Marshall's or TJMaxx the other day... $29.99 for the set!   FIRST thought - With my imaginary sewing skills... I can totally make this work for Lily!  SECOND thought - I wish this came in my size! THIRD THOUGHT - Do I add this to my collection of imaginary baby stuff that is scattered all over the city?
Just for the record... Lily actually has a lovely tweed coat of her own that would look adorable with that dress! ;-)  Just saying.  I really think I could make that work for her!

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