Sunday, November 18, 2012


The Dad and I went to Eat N Park the other day for breakfast after his cataract surgery...  We were sitting there eating and True Faith came on.  He was jamming to it (oblivious) and I was like really, Eat N Park?  9 am?  Give me a break. It was our "entrance" song.

Our wedding has been coming through to me in different ways lately.  I guess it's because November was always pretty eventful...  Plus, Mum has been coming to me in my dreams in the last few weeks and each time she was wearing what she wore to the wedding.  It's probably because I always liked that outfit on her. When I think of her I always think of her smiling like this...
Anyway, my point for today... Over on Instagram - Clickin Mom's photo prompt for today was someone dancing... for some reason this one photo came to mind. Again, from the wedding. I didn't post it but I thought I would post it over here.
We were out the other night and started looking at Disney beads... Katherine asked if I was going to be ok with that or if it would be too sad. Coincidentally, she was the one that caught one of the mickey/minnie beanies that were hanging out with my garter...
Side note - I hope I'm not the only one that stresses so much about having so much symbolism in her Pandora bracelet.  It's staring to be a big pain in the ass!  Back to Katherine... It was funny because she was asking me if I had the bead she got me (and Chrissy) for Mother's Day on my bracelet.  The sales girl kind of questioned that comment and we laughed and explained. 

Even though she's all grown up -  I still think of her as that RoseBud drawing little girl and am happy to be her pretend gay mom. ;-) 

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