Thursday, November 15, 2012


TOT - TEN ON THURSDAY - 2 weeks of cataracts edition

1. The Dad had his first cataract surgery last week... I was looking forward to not having to make any calls to anyone while I was there and brought a few catalogs with me... I love the Sacred Source but it's probably not the best choice to look through in close corners with a thousand people waiting with you!

2. Don't go chasing waterfalls... Last week was the left eye.

3. I swear these random acts of weirdness only happen to me... He had an early appt because he had to hold his insulin... 1:15 pm he's still not called back yet and I witness this whole catastrophe between the doctors and his anesthesiologist...  she walks out - furious and screaming I'm not coming back!  She finally did but it took awhile. So much for a 20 minute procedure - we were there almost 5 hours.

4. FYI - I hate Applebees and Bob Evans...

5.  We were checking in and this woman was being wheeled out... she had just finished her second surgery  - as she went past us and the girls at the desk she screamed I'll be back next week for my third eye! ;-)

6. We had to go back the next day for the followup appointment... I think this guy may have had his wife's coat on... regardless, I would like to be his friend.

7. This week was the right eye's turn for surgery... we were a little disappointed that we had to be there at 6am. Not because it was early - because we wouldn't be able to have lunch... while we were waiting last week we were in the waiting room and a big wagon of take-out food came in for the employees...  I asked the girls at the desk where they ordered from and we've been obsessing about it ever since. It was from Chicken Derby. I specifically made the followup appointment today around lunch time so we could go!  I was completely nauseated today but we went anyway and it was delicious.

8. The Dad called me hysterical the other day because his radio wasn't working... god forbid he'd have to go without smooth jazz for 20 minutes in the car. I told him I had too many other things to deal with and he'd have to figure it out himself and thankfully he did and I got to listen to this!

9. Things are getting worse with the Glo-worm... It is totally one step forward - two steps back. She went to the store with Betty today - I had no idea what she bought.  I got back pretty late and walked into the kitchen and saw this... apparently just because they are "frozen" waffles doesn't mean they have to go in the freezer when you get them home.

10. I miss my bed already and this little curly tail too!

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