Saturday, June 1, 2013


I am notoriously late.  I have to say I've been getting better time wise  - getting to places,  etc... but I'm still late on other things... like Christmas presents.  I don't know how it happened but I just gave Chrissy her Christmas gift a few weeks ago... Well I do know how it happened... they got pushed aside with other things and got shoved behind bins and stuff and I just couldn't get to them. Being 5 months late I finally tackled some cleanup in the game room and dug them out of the mess...

Today I used a Groupon that was about to expire that I bought Cara as one of her Christmas gifts.  Looks like Christmas in June is the new Christmas in July. ;-)  Anyway, on the way back we drove by Seneca and Chrissy made a quick turn in as we're debating whether or not to stop by to see Glo.  We all had stuff to do and, truthfully, didn't want to be there all day playing cards, etc... so Chrissy turns around to leave and then turns back in again and parks... her only request was to NOT go for ice cream.  It's always fun but it's a bit exhausting and, as Sweet Brown said, nobody had time for that today.

We went up to the room and did the normal routine... she asked if we ate and what we were doing later... of course, asked if she could come with us... We told her that it was a busy day and we were all going home. She asked if we were going to go shopping and if she could come if we were... I was straightening up a little, going through her laundry... she was harassing Cara about whether or not she fixed the hem on her sweater and next thing I hear, out of the clear blue sky, without any input from the rest of us - Chrissy asks her if she wants to go get ice cream! Seriously!?! She totally f-ing caved.

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