Saturday, June 29, 2013


You got to love a little community festival where everyone pitches in and does their part... like Ted helping out with the garbage...

Minnie Mouse was there and she and Aunt Joyce had the same shoes on!

We went to look around a bit and I came back to this... the boys whooping it up with the ladies.

The Dad got a walking stick... thank $%$^% God.

And I verified the fact that I can't drive in the car for even an hour without wanting to fall asleep at the wheel. I'm blaming it on my medication or because I never ever sleep anymore. I actually had to stop at the rest stop 9 miles from the exit because I thought I was going to kill everyone in the car by going off the side of the road. Plus side was I got a mocha and brochures and got to see the pretty patriotic trucks.

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