Monday, June 3, 2013


I don't even like ice cream. I can seriously never eat it again and be totally fine with it so I don't know why everything seems to revolve around ice cream these days... ;-) I don't even have a picture for this because we were taken so off guard by it but I feel like I have to document the weirdness. We were outside at the ice cream place on 286 - I don't even know the name of it - and we heard this strange noise. It sounded more like a chant of sorts..Katherine and I were kind of mesmerized by it.  With all the outside noise it took awhile to dissect the parts of what we heard. I don't know how long the traffic light was but it seemed like it was forever.  We finally discovered it was a man on a motorcycle who was stopped on the road at the red light... he kept saying - please don't let her die over and over - the entire length of the light. He finally went on his way and we spent awhile brainstorming what was going on... Was he trying to get to the hospital before his mother took her last breath?  Was he rushing to the emergency vet?  Did he just run someone over and was fleeing the scene?  We are never going to know. I really hope she didn't die.

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