Friday, January 10, 2014


Well- not really a candy store but just as sweet.  Other Joe has never been to IKEA and wanted to go before they went back to PSU!   He actually had no idea what to expect.  We were all kind of hungry so a snack was in order...We went directly to the restaurant to get something to hold us over until we ate - what else but mashed potatoes and lingonberry juice for me? Yummy Delicious.

We pretty much had some sort of role playing experience in every single vignette. Seriously - almost every one.  Chrissy "took a memo" in the office.  We sat for 25 minutes testing out desk chairs while talking about Michael's upcoming college days... We sat by the fire on the sectionals...  I think other customers thought we were paid to act like we were just lounging at home.

Then trouble started...

I saw this:

UGGH. I have a similar canopy which I bought for lily's puppy pics with the intention of using them for real baby pics and I never did either... It's somewhere - here or in storage - still in the package. Here's a stock photo that I feel like I could have taken in my mind. I actually think I have those curtains.

Anyway, I  started getting a little agitated right after the whole Baby James vignette experience. Anyone that goes shopping with me has the right to bitch slap me into reality when I say I want something that I really have no business getting. Chrissy tried her hardest to convince me I didn't need it and I came up with every excuse why I should have it. Just because my husband walked out on me doesn't mean I can't have cute baby things.  Or does it?  I guess it kind of actually does.  Still... what if one day I want it and they won't have it and I'll never find it again?  I thought I could use it in my craft studio... then I realized I don't have one of those either.   Then I thought when I get my own place and Lily has her own room - how cute would it be over her bed?  Super cute, right?  I got bitched slap again and again and I finally convinced myself that I should just walk away - I didn't even know how much it was and figured it was a waste of money - no matter what it cost.  Then I came across it again and thought it was a sign from the universe that I should get it. I mean I can put it above my play kitchen or play work bench - right?!?

More bitch slapping. You know - because I don't have those either.

Finally I envisioned myself at the checkout scanning the stupid canopy and having total buyer's remorse so I reluctantly put it back even though it was only $14.99.  Then Katherine, sensing my sadness, comes over and says these words: "I really think you should get it - for Lily... or your Asian baby."

And that's why I love that girl.  Forever the optimist. ;-)

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