Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Lizzie has been saying we should go see the movie Frozen.  The movie snowdogs has been popping into my head recently so it was a little weird going to go see this - especially after I just had a three hour lunch with David. Anyway, I thought it was cute.  (Spoiler if you haven't seen it.)  When she gets all fierce!?  Come on!? We about died around 3:17 of that clip.  Seriously thought we were going to laugh ourselves silly. She was working it!

After the laugh fest was over I kind of got a little down...  I could just see the stage show right before my eyes. That brought up a few other thoughts that I'm not going to go into at the moment. It was definitely a great message about self discovery and empowerment and a good lesson on love of family.  Seeing this girl who thought she had to exile herself to a far off land because she didn't know how to control her powers... or was it a curse - was kind of sad. She put up all these walls and created this safe world... conceal - don't feel... so she could become herself - getting all trampy is just an extra bonus.  ;-)  All the things she missed with her sister - building snowmen, etc... ;-( IDK - all in all, it was a good message that true love doesn't have to be a romantic disney ending and may just be the family around you...  Oh, and you don't need a man or have to get married - because, in the end, the prince... he just may be a f-ing asshole.

Lesson learned.

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