Friday, January 17, 2014


I'm taking a stand.  The foot selfie or footsie/feetsie - I don't know what to call it - bothers the hell out of me and needs to go. I'm not innocent here. I once did the foot shot and I have regretted it ever since.  I wish to ban the foot shot from all social media. Especially if your feet shouldn't be seen by the general public in the light of day.  It's up there with the eyeball shot and the look at me I'm getting all liquored up - here's what I'm drinking shot and the I'm on a plane and here's a picture of the wing capture.

There is a point where you can over share a little too much .  I mean who wants a hundred pictures of the kid of a person they last had contact with in 8th Grade Biology class popping up on their feed?  I know I have some ridiculous photos from time to time... some people may think my things that are going to fall off the back of a truck shots are stupid.  Some may not even want to see pictures of the most adorable pug in the land - though that's just stupid.  I don't know too many people that would feel that way. We're all guilty.  I've posted various food porn and salted carmel mocha shots and I know sunrise/sunsets, clouds and dead trees with cool instagram filters can give you a big boost of creative self esteem.  There are some things that are just grasping for some sort of intervention.

The driving in the car shot... I don't get it.  Just go pick up your kids from school and get back and work on homework together. I know you still think you're as hot as you were in high school but really - you're not. And that car seat in the back is a big distraction.

The Gym selfie that never changes.  If you are doing a weight loss challenge and want to show a progression or before and after than more power to you - I'm a big documentarian.  The same shot in front of the same machine with the same towel around your neck.  Old news. We get it - you pay $24.99 a month to take pictures of yourself "working out."

The bathroom mirror shot with or without extraneous background clutter or worse... ok - wait - why is your phone in the bathroom anyway?

Then there is the inspirational quote that sums up my life completely (for today) share... NOT A PHOTO.  Seriously - it takes a lot for me to double heart click a quote - if ever... There are apps that you can post a quote or your own words on an original photo.  Do that.

Oh and this one is right up there with the footsie for top hated.  The sitting on the beach knees glistening with lotion shot - with or without hint of something a little higher. By something - I mean vagina.  God help us all.

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