Thursday, January 30, 2014


I came across this picture while looking for something else.  It's funny - I think about this watering can all the time.

I never knew the story behind the 15 foot sculpture but with a simple google search - here it is.

I took it before one of our Venture Outdoor hikes with RoseBud... the one where everyone almost got trampled by runaway horses!

The Bud was pretty good keeping up with the big dogs... especially her hiking friend Conan and his mom Portia (in the AC/DC shirt.) If I remember correctly, there was only one other small dog.

It was a pretty serious hike for such a little pup...

"Can someone give me a little help here?!? I can't get over this giant stick!"

These will always be two of my all time favorite pics of The Bud. Always by my side...

...and always ready for an adventure...

What do you do with all these pictures?  The tens of thousands of pictures?  Pictures of a life that I thought was so different than what it turned out to be. I'm having a really hard time because it seems like a large part of my memories (from half my life) are tainted now. I know Dr. Seuss said don't cry because it's over - smile because it happened or something like that... I never liked that quote very much.

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