Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I found our old scrabble game downstairs... and some roll five score sheets for Joann - Jeannine - Sharon and Carey!

I  sat for a minute playing with the scrabble tiles and looked around at all the chaos.  It's that time of year again to choose a word for the year... I knew there was only one for me right now.  I could have gone with something more poetic like restore or nourish... clarity or release...grateful... allow.  The old faithfuls - truth and trust or grace, balance, joy or peace. Something more adventurous like explore... passion...delight. Etc. Etc. Etc. I chose something simple.


I don't mean that in a QVC kind of way. ;-)

Order may sound "functional" to some of you.  And f*uck you if you have an issue with that. To me, it's all those words I said before it and more and something that is much needed in my life.

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