Saturday, March 1, 2014


Glo has been on the second floor for a couple months while they were renovating the rooms in her hall on the third floor.  She moved back today. It's been kind of crazy.  The move really screwed her (and many others) up. It was too big of a change for many of them. She has been getting worse and worse and me working there is not as good as you would think.  She kind of gets a little agitated when she sees me with someone else and she gets annoyed when she can't find me (if I'm off.)  She'll ask the nurses where her "nephew" is.  She's back to confusing genders again.  She had a full blown hissy fit a couple weeks ago... screaming in the hallway that she wanted to go home. I had to tell her that she didn't have a home anymore and all she said was she'll be good and come to my home and sleep in my bed. She said she'll get a job if she has to.  I told her I don't have a home anymore either and that I'm living with my dad now.  She asked if my dad was "the lady that cooks in the kitchen when she comes over."  I told her yes!

We planned for her to move back to her original room while I was working so I could be there and she wouldn't be so frazzled.  I ended up moving her myself. I had her help me and we filled some bags up.  I made a trip upstairs and when I came back down she actually unpacked some bags thinking she was staying where she was! When we went upstairs, she had no idea she was there before. The good thing is her girlfriends are all up there (for now) so she has others to visit.  She's just been completely out of it.  She keeps saying she wants to get a job so we have been bringing her around with us to deliver the mail and the girls have been making her sort things in the office.  She said she feels better now that "she's working."  :-)

She keeps saying that my mom hasn't been coming around as much.  She was coming every day and now she doesn't.  She also said she has kids with her when she comes which kind of freaked me out. I asked her who they were and she said they were my kids. I keep asking her if she means Lily and she says no - the other ones. I'm just as confused with that one as she is.  I can't figure out what she's talking about but she's saving candy she gets and tries to give it to me to bring home to "the kids."

Every time she sees me she asks how my mother is. I told her the other day that my mother is dead  - it's been 20 years... not that she knows 20 years from 20 minutes. She seemed shocked and then sad and then was like whatev.  Five minutes later she walked me to the elevator as she always does and we said goodbye and as the elevator doors were closing she said see you tomorrow - say hi to your mom when you get home! ;-)

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