Saturday, March 22, 2014


You know, Chrissy and I have been packing shit up continually for 4 years...  Dixon House, Lake Ridge, here, storage, Aunt Gloria's and now Grandma Murphy's. It has made us frequent liquor stores a lot... for empty boxes!  I find it fascinating seeing what's kept... Like opening cabinets and finding this:

Helen moved from a gigantic house (which we also helped clear out) to a lovely three bedroom apartment that was as big as a house. Some times I think I would like to live in an apartment... with the parking garage guy and the elevator and the shopping carts to bring your stuff up. It would be like living at school... no yard to worry about or keep up.  She had a beautiful private outdoor space, though, with a giant porch.  Lily would have loved it.

I was surprised to see that it was still pretty loaded... We are semi-professionals at this moving thing but there's a ton of work still... so much stuff!  Kitchen is fully stocked with multiple sets of china that need packed, furniture everywhere, holiday decorations, really expensive collectibles... just so much. She was a graduate of Georgian Court College in Lakewood, NJ and majored in Home Economics.

I love old yearbooks... everything is always the same... the wishes and the dreams and the reminiscing... just the dates and the clothes and hair styles change. I cataloged a bunch of stuff and took pictures of everything so the siblings could go through it.  Here's just some of the old fab dolls...

And this one...

...and it's story...

What a fun and exhausting day!

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