Tuesday, March 11, 2014


She's a really bad influence. I succumb to peer pressure a lot around her.  She gets me into trouble and trouble, with us, usually involves pancakes or jewelry.  Funny thing is,  I'm actually not the biggest jewelry fan.   I could honestly care less about it.  Though I do love my Mariana stuff and I wish my wedding ring still fit me because I would still be wearing it and I love my Lisa Leonard stuff... well maybe I like jewelry a little.

When we were last in State College, I finally bought the Penn State bead I've been saying I was going to get for my stupid Pandora bracelet.  That bracelet kind of pisses me off.  I never really wanted one but on my 40th birthday I bought the dice charm in Vegas while we were there and then I got a couple for gifts and then I stressed out buying every other one.  I wanted every bead to have some sort of meaning - not just random picks and now it's kind of just no color silver boring.  I still have a few more that I need... I'm hoping that will be it and I can put it to rest and stop thinking about it.  It's also super heavy and I feel like I'm on some sort of work release when I wear it.  Like if I go to take it off an alarm is going to start beeping.  That's if I can even get it off because I think it's too tight... It takes me about 20 minutes to get the damn thing on.  I mentioned I don't really like this bracelet, right?

Anyway, when I was getting my Penn State bead the sales girl had a Trollbeads bracelet with these big funky flowers on it... so we were asking her about it.  Without hesitation, Chrissy bought the special bead, bracelet and clasp combo that had there..  I happily just walked away with my PSU bead on my stupid Pandora bracelet and called it a day. Actually, no... I was peer pressured into buying a Chrysalis one after I ordered the Alex and Ani Penn State one in the store prior to the jewelry store!   Then the Morninglory email comes out about their Trollbeads closeout because they are now carrying Pandora. So she goes and gets a little crazy and brings me in on it.  I mean they had some pretty good buys... and they had the seahorse clasp I wanted even though I only want this bracelet to be "flowers" which caused me some anxiety - but I went with it.  I mean it's my bracelet... I can have a seahorse with flowers, right?  I'm good with it now. I'm embracing the seahorse.

Here's the thing... We didn't buy these when they were regular price so why are we buying all this shit while it's on sale? If we really wanted one we would have had it already.

I had so much anxiety choosing the damn ceramic beads I broke out in hives.  And the one I thought I would hate the most - I love... the black and white one.  I generally hate black and white but this one reminds me of Mackensie Childs so I think that's why I like it.   I still have to get my hands on some of the big flowers... they only had a few flower ones left during the sale.

* I really don't hate her.

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Eugenie MulberryWhisper said...

I had to laugh! this is so familiar! I have a friend like that, and she has a bad influence on me. Because of her, I bought a designer bisque doll for 150$ which I now want to sell! However your bracelet is beautiful. I want a Troll and also a Pandora and.. and I think that is it. For now.