Sunday, March 9, 2014


We decided to stay overnight because we've been losing valuable shopping time just going to pick the kids up and eating and heading back... fortunately they aren't early risers so we got some shopping in after breakfast yesterday... We spied a shop going out of business on our way to The Waffle Shop so we had to go back when they opened.  I'm a sucker for any place that says "fixtures for sale."  I couldn't pass up this pretty little thing - rusty top and all.

I would have bought this one too but I didn't want to be a cart hog so I was happy when Chrissy said she had to get it's sister friend. At least I knew they were both going to a good home... or, at least, a good storage unit.

Needless to say, by the time we got the two carts and two cute embroidered paintings I got for $3.00 and our luggage and bags of ice cream and cheesesteaks... we got to the apartment fully loaded. She still insisted we were going to be able to get K and J's things in! I will give her the super packer title, she's very much like her brother with her expert packing skills, but I knew she was going to be wrong this time - especially with Percy Cat and a litter box having to fit into the mix.  We ended up having to leave our treasures at the apartment to pick up later.  Told you so. ;-)

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