Friday, March 7, 2014


Road trips are our thing... and the snack bag is super important.  Chrissy had a giant bag packed for our overnight stay in State College but we still had to stop at the point of no return and go to Martin's - where I always get the meat and cheese cup to hold me over.

We ended up at the Deli for dinner because we were all too hangry to figure out somewhere else to go - it was a comfort food festival! I got one of my regulars... hot chicken sandwich, mashed potatoes and corn... and potato soup, of course.

We were all too full to have dessert. The waiter left his cheat shit with us when I got mad at him for not having chocolate cake (how can you not have any chocolate cake?)  and I couldn't resist taking a pic of the night's selections... the coconut cream PIG sounded interesting!

I ended up with the banana chip cake in a to go box to have for a midnight snack. Unfortunately, I forgot about it and left it in the hotel refrig. #reallyfuckingdisappointed.
I got distracted by all the things I brought with me "to do" in the projected 10 hours we would be in the room. Like organize the multitude of notebooks I have started...
... and the anticipation of drinking coffee and reading magazines in the hotel bed.
Unfortunately, I had the worst sleep ever because someone (who shall remain nameless and is not me) sleeps with the tv on and I kept waking up and writing item numbers down all night long.
more tomorrow...

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