Sunday, March 30, 2014


So, about yesterday... I was on my way to the car lot and I drove by one of the best car shoppers ever going for a run... I took it as a good sign and thought the universe was telling me it would be a good day and good experience.  I probably should have stopped him and kidnapped him to go with me.  BIG F*CKING MISTAKE going myself.  Well, actually, I didn't go myself.  The Dad was there - he had to get an oil change so he went ahead of me for his appointment and I met him there.  It was pretty much like bringing Rodney Dangerfield along with me.  He has no car buying skills and was kind of more concerned with the sandwiches they had there for their customers than me getting any kind of decent deal. I think I may have even heard a laugh track a few times. No biggie, though, because I could totally do this BY MYSELF. It was the same salesman he bought from and the manager is a friend of George... no problem.  Well, the Xterra deal fell through because of the back seat issue and I was super annoyed for even being there so I just jumped at the next thing I saw and basically got screwed - mostly by my own doing. I knew better and was schooled in what I should do by Carey and George and Ted... I don't know what to say - I pretty much did the opposite. I drove it past the Syria Mosque where my wedding reception was so that made me even more annoyed and came back and said I hate the color and my dog doesn't like leather seats but it will do.  I signed the papers and was like I have to go home and take a nap.  Then everyone yelled at me when they found out what I did. I really didn't think this was going to be that difficult.

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