Sunday, July 25, 2010



I feel like I need watered. Like a plant.

My poor plant friends were in desperate need after my couple days at the Dad's house and this 90+ degree heat. I hate seeing the poor things all shriveled up. They really don't ask for much yet I seem to not have the time to take care of the only thing they really require from me.

When I was little I was ALWAYS in the pool. Morning, noon and night - I was like a little fish. You could never get me out of there. My dog Pepper would be right there with me. She was a good swimmer but preferred to be in her little red blow up Indian canoe.

I didn't think the rain was enough last night so I figured I better go out and water. I just put the hose up in the air and let it fall down. I came inside soaked. I figured running through the sprinkler by myself would have been a little insane. ;-)

I've just been craving water. Dr. Tighe says you need to drink half your weight in ounces a day. I don't think that's my problem. I was planning to run up to the cemetery to take some pictures this morning... maybe I should run into the church for some holy water while I'm up there? Or jump in the river? Or take a bath... Hmmm, are those champagne tub rooms in the Poconos dog friendly??? ;-)

For the record - That little "boy" in the pool is me with my Dorothy Hamill hair cut. I used to love going in the pool at night. Topless. ;-)

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