Tuesday, July 27, 2010


TEN ON TUESDAY (little bits of random)

1. What the heck am I hitting? I somehow keep taking a screen capture on my phone.

2. Within SECONDS of putting a box on the floor - this happens.

3. I keep getting these blocked calls on my cell phone... The other morning it was 5:23 AM... saturday 8:23 AM... I answer but no one says anything. When my mother died I used to think hang ups were her calling to hear my voice. I'm serious. I obviously have a hang up - pun intended - for (remembering) voices since from when I was younger.

4. I just may have to get these. She WAS "born" on my birthday.

5. Turns out it looks like I'm getting a mini house after all.

6. I bought a bikini over the weekend and actually didn't look half bad. I was thinking about taking a photo in the mirror like all the trampy girls on Facebook but I couldn't perfect my duckface pout. ;-)

7. I love this time of year.

8. Some things I hate: I could do a whole TOT for this but here are a few: people that say "vaca" for vacation, french pedicures, people that talk on headsets while you are in a store, kids that call someone else's parents mom or dad... there's more but those things all occurred over the weekend so they are fresh in my mind.

9. Every time I go up to the third floor I "see" this. Hard to believe RoseBud was ever that little!

10. This guy reminds me of eating Bubba's in that parking lot! ;-)


I forgot to mention this last night so this is going to be an EOT (Eleven on Tuesday) ~

11. The what seemed to be sixteen year old waitresses (who were probably really 25) in Hanlon's were all talking to each other about how Joey Fatone looks OLD. They thought JT still looked good but one of them saw Joey in the Producers and was slightly put off by it. The other girl tried to reason with her and just had this to offer. "Cece - he IS really old." Poor Chris - they must think he's ready to collect Social Security.

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