Tuesday, February 7, 2012


TOT - Ten On Tuesday

1. I was totally aggravated yesterday. I went over to fix Glo's pill case and we went to Applebees for dinner. My club sandwich was so gigantic it was annoying to eat it!!! I just sat there laughing... talk about First World Problems. ;-)

2. I didn't know the keypad for the alarm showed the weather! That's kind of neat.

3. I heard the door beep when The Dad left this morning and it scared me. I sat up in bed and looked out in the hall and saw the dog standing there and sighed because I didn't feel like taking her outside - then I looked on the bed and she was there. I looked out again and saw a dog - it was kind of foggy - so much that I thought it was smoky. I figured it was just my eyes playing tricks on me... wondering now if it was RoseBud!?

4. Air guitar makes me laugh. I much prefer air drums.

5. I really need to start working out more. Qigong isn't necessarily cutting it as far as weight loss! My Dad's stress test came back ok - they were concerned he had to have another open heart surgery. I was happy about that especially since I found the list of instructions he was supposed to follow stuck in a pile of papers a few days after he took the test - needless to say he didn't do anything on them. I need to put all the shit I have stacked on the treadmill somewhere so we can actually use it!

6. I was talking with Katherine about TLC/Lisa (left eye) Lopez.... I forgot about the little boy being killed and his last name being Lopez and how she thought a spirit was coming for her and killed him. I liked her... sad story.

7. Do you think everyone says I love you to their dog before they go to sleep? I think they should but I bet they don't. I miss getting into bed at the end of the night and saying I love you to a real person. Not that The Bud isn't a real person - well... you know what I mean. ;-)

7. I miss cuddling too. ;-( I actually wanted to get a smaller bed at Dixon House so we could cuddle more. Oh wait... I have something to go with this. ;-)

8. Is this really true? If so, who is this mean guy that keeps coming to me in my dreams?

9. I went in the garage for something the other night and saw the dad's car...
Yes - it's as close as it looks!
There is a hole (the size of the screw on the shelf) in the tail light!

10. I know wild animals should not be pets but these are some great photos from the 70s in Life Magazine on living with a lion.
Not sure if this is Tippi Hedron's lion or not. Click here for more photos.

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