Monday, February 20, 2012



Here's The Bud super annoyed that I woke her up from her car ride to go to her vet appointment.
She falls asleep instantly when she is in the car.

Glo needed her pill case filled and I had to pick up some medicine for her... To save me a trip I figured Lily and I would stop after her appointment. I didn't want to leave the dog in the car herself so we picked Glo up and she stayed with her while I went in the store to get her pills. Then we got lunch and brought it back to her house.
Glo gets the biggest kick out of Lily wandering around the house and jumping on the furniture!
That stuffed pug on the right was an 80th birthday gift from RoseBud to Aunt Gloria (RB died that day on Glo's bday.) We bought a dog bed to put some of her pugs and a few of RB's old toys and some of her own bears in... Lily just helped herself to one of the bears and played for awhile while I fixed the pills.
Then she got a bear hug of her own.
Glo said she loves this little wild one... but (she whispered) RoseBud was her favorite. ;-)

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