Saturday, February 18, 2012



I annoy myself sometimes with my constant need to document every moment - there are many pictures that I am glad that I took, though - these are two of them...

This one of David and Mum on her last Disney trip... I can't say I knew it would be the last one of them together... I knew it would be significant, though. We had used a different agency and got our rental car before the others and she just wanted to get to the room. The three of us left while the others waited for their cars. I probably wouldn't have snapped it if we all got there together just because it would have been a little more hectic.

The other is this one in the hospital shortly before she died. Atia was handing out little chocolate hearts and placed one in mum's hand. I thought for a second it might not be appropriate and then I decided I had to do it. It's one of my favorite pictures ever actually.

I was going through a little sketchbook awhile back that I haven't touched for some time. I'm not the best flyer and that trip I brought the book along and a makeup bag full of colored pencils because I knew it would distract me enough to not want to jump out of the emergency exit. Between bead and dog magazines and the SkyMall catalog I would sketch some girls from time to time... quick 20 second sketches to color - not too detailed so I would be sure I wouldn't be enthralled enough to NOT hear the beeps that Rick has forever etched in my brain that mean the plane is going down.

It was Valentine's day (2010) - the medical flight left and we were on our way home on a regular flight... In that sketchbook I drew some twin girls and some monster girls and a sex and the city like girl with her dog and this one.
Named Mum.

Chrissy met me and Aunt Gloria one day a few weeks ago at Casey's for lunch. We all left to go home and Glo got in the car and said how much fun she had and how Chrissy had the same laugh and smile as her mother. She said she'll always remember that smile of hers.

So will I.

Happy Birthday, Mum. ;-)

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