Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've been making just a few at a time because I only like them warm... and, yes, I whacked them over their little cookie heads with a spatula... No one is going to understand that. ;-) Whenever I'm really happy or really sad I tend to cook... you should see the refrigerator - I went a little crazy this week! Anyway, renal appointment for the dad today... blood work was ok except for his 647 sugar reading. Yes. 647. WTF? Looks like somebody is going to be going over insulin injections tomorrow and I'm going to have to lay off the cookie making.

I need to get some things together for some appointments tomorrow for me and the dad and this little pup and I are going to bed. How did it get to be almost 1 AM already???


(oh, side note...the dad's weight on 2/16/12 was... 216.)

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