Sunday, February 3, 2013


No, seriously... I watched the game! I have some words about Beyonce but we'll get to that later... More importantly, what's the verdict on the Commercials? I think I saw all the big ones... First, I am a GoDaddy customer but, really, that kissing commercial was terrible... I know that was always their thing but NO. Not good. I wanted to ask for my money back after that. I think there was a Doritos one that was good but obviously it wasn't that memorable to me... Not real crazy about the Taco Bell old folks one... Audi and Samsung were cute and Leon Sandcastle was adorable.  My top three:

3. Partly because of the goddess that is Stevie Nicks but who can resist a good baby horse? Brotherhood - Anheuser-Busch

2. This was originally done on You Tube by Spoken word over still images... Yeah - can't go wrong with that. Dodge - So God Made A Farmer

1.  Dramatic Oprah, the troops, family, a dog that needs walked... COME ON.  Jeep - Whole Again

1 and 2 were really close for me but i have some allegiance to Jeep so that won... I came across this.  2015 maybe - so excited.  I'm much like a 16 year old boy with my obsession with trucks. Please, Jeep, come out with this thing already!

(I have been terribly behind on this blog and trying to play catch up with the four photo challenges I'm doing on Instagram so, hopefully, I'll get back on track here...)

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