Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Glo-worm had her first cataract surgery today... it was an early morning and all day excursion.  It's a little difficult getting her places. She almost fell when we got there.  Between my arm and my coffee I couldn't hold her up!  I had to go get her a wheelchair. Things got a little delayed because her heart was doing something weird and she started hallucinating when we got there... I really thought she was going to have another stroke or seizure. She wasn't making any sense at all.  She said that her husband Norman and his brother Elmer and I were across the hall in another room. I think she meant my mother - not me.  I told her I couldn't be across the room when I was standing right next to her bed.  She just wasn't getting it. IDK - I guess they came to visit.  She said we were bringing her cans and peanut butter and she said a bunch of other things we couldn't make out... This was all BEFORE anesthesia!

They finally ended up doing the surgery and the first thing she said when she came back was - where's Dave and Lily?  I told her Dave wasn't coming and Lily wasn't allowed to be there. She said they were just there and she was talking to them.  I told her she must have been dreaming.  She said that was ok - Lily was bad and she should go home.

That dog gets no love! ;-)

Anyway, one eye down - one to go...

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