Tuesday, February 5, 2013


In my medical records it says that I REFUSED chemo... One of my doctors was reading notes from another doctor and I was like whaaaaat? I thought we kind of mutually came to the agreement that there was no reason for me to have it because my oncotype score was low and it wouldn't really do anything. Since it's still a new test the normal protocol for someone in my position would be chemo... therefore I refused it. I was told if we were in Europe it would definitely be what I'm doing - but not here.  Ok - I'm good with that. Because of this decision, I'm doing these injections which are not proving to be easy - with or without a giant burn on my tummy. BTW - for those of you keeping up with my burn I think it's doing quite well. Still noticeable but fading. Anyway, I'm doing the meditation and imagery route in lieu of taking anything else since I'm such a renegade when it comes to my health care! It's helping some of the time. I'm supposed to be on anti-depressants but I never got them filled. I saw my oncologist today and am considering stopping what I'm doing - the side effects from the shot and pill are causing too many problems for me. I just haven't made my mind up yet.  Out of the clear blue sky last night, I planned my funeral. I'm not done.  Just kind of thought about what I would like... flowers in trucks, prayer card is a quote from Rent.... In fact, I think I want them to be bookmarks. I'm not finished yet... just something I'm thinking about.  And I ordered this for The Dad. ;-)

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