Monday, February 11, 2013



I'm a quote girl... I use words in my art all the time... I have journals full of quotes I like.... I'm not knocking the love and power and inspiration of something that speaks to you... It does bother me though when I see a quote that isn't quite finished...or out of context. You know - someone is using it as their life motto and it isn't exactly what it really means. It's almost sad. There are lots of fake Buddha quotes, among others, around...  ideas may be the same just lost in translation somewhere. Just know what you're talking about peeps before you start spreading your fractured wisdom around.

Just an observation... Most of these people that are on a mission to heal themselves wouldn't know what to do if their situation was worse.  I'm sick of these poor woe is me people that live on rainbow sightings and misinterpreted quotes. There's a whole fucked up demographic that is too busy searching for the meaning of their life that they forget to actually live it.

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