Thursday, February 14, 2013


We had a Friday Night on Thursday and now I'm all screwed up... Glo-worm had the first of eleven appointments for her upcoming cataract surgeries.  I sprung her out of the joint today... we were ten minutes late for her appointment because she wanted to go get "those good ice cream sundaes" we ate when the truck crashed off the road (from McDonald's.)  I knew we would never make it in time if we stopped but I figured they would probably be running late so I called and told them we were running a little behind schedule! Then she wanted a "Ronnie Burger" for dinner. All the girls at the hospital were jealous - she must have told them how delicious they were. I got it cleared with the doctor for her to stay out all day. We ate and sang Happy Bday to Twin and she was like "can you take me back now."

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