Saturday, November 22, 2014

I was off this weekend, thankfully.  I should have gotten something done or paid bills or did laundry or slept or something... what did I do?  I had a Friday.  On Saturday.  Just a small one.  I made chili stuffed peppers and mashed potatoes and a Caesar salad.  Pretty simple. No chaos.  I had everything ready before anyone got here AND the whole kitchen was clean!  Nothing in the sink!

Anyway,  I was thinking about something... My mother died when I was 23 and I was away at college before that so I really got most of my entertaining know-how from my mother-in-law.  I still question which ham I'm supposed to get when I go to the store - the one with the point or not??? And every time I make a pork roast I want to call her up...My mom had her special things too - beefaroni, beef stew, the potatoes on the grill, that chicken with the cheese and bacon that no one can remember how she made it!

I remember all those Christmas dinners and other get togethers when my MIL would have some side dishes prepared in advance and heat them...I never mastered that - that's why I'm always scrambling. I still don't know how she ever did everything with that little oven!  I made the mashed potatoes a little before and as I covered them I thought to myself... look at me - I'm just like Mum.  She probably would have had saran wrap on them, though. ;-)

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