Saturday, November 1, 2014

Whew - what a day/night.  I officially just had a 15 hour birthday party!  Cara and Chrissy planned the day - we went to Volant for lunch and some shopping...

Aunt Joyce and Uncle Jimmy, Deb and George and Ted and The Dad came over Cara's later for dinner. We had a soup fest... and almond torte, of course.  I brought over the candles which I bought on my way. Why should kids just have the number candles? Embrace your age.

Katherine and I were joking and saying she was always by my side for all the parties..

We were going to have a crafter-noon but it ended up being a crafter-evening.

We were up late painting sugar skulls.

Remember these old school masks? We found them for 25 cents.

And the night wouldn't be complete without this happening - seriously, at all my halloween/birthday dinners  - my Dad always ends up with a pot on his head!

Thank you girls (and family) for a great day and for celebrating with me!

PS - thanks to the big strapping Army dude at Cara's Giant Eagle for reaching way up high to get me the 4s or this 44 year old would have been climbing the shelves to get them herself!

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