Saturday, November 29, 2014

I don't know if at least two of the three light bulbs in the dining room fixture have been out for awhile but all of a sudden all three were out.  I didn't really realize how dark it made everything when it wasn't on.  The Dad has been home so I was worried about that and him not being able to see and falling over something and I kept saying I would get to it... I was either working or exhausted or really sick and dizzy from these new meds that I couldn't even think about going to get a ladder to change the bulbs.  When I did - we didn't have the right bulbs anyway.

It didn't really matter because when they blew out - you know what The Dad said?!   That's ok - Chrissy will change them for me next time she comes over.

Really? I can change a damn lightbulb!  ;-)  She's his go to girl when he has a computer or internet or cable question.  We laugh about it all the time.  I did get a fist bump when I replaced the bulbs so I guess he knows that I do have some skills.

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