Friday, November 14, 2014

So, I was up for 23+ hours... I was so tired the night before last that I just kind of passed out - I got up at 6 am yesterday morning so I could wash my hair and get ready for my onc appointment... little did I know I would be up in the ER all night.

After going to storage and loading and unloading everything I had a giant hematoma at my injection site. I was so uncomfortable from the shot that all I wanted to do was get in another bed. To make matters worse, they said this was the first time it ever happened, but around midnight the server went down in the hospital... so they couldn't do ANYTHING - they moved some people to other facilities and everyone was just stuck... I knew he was being admitted but didn't know when - hour by hour went by. The server didn't come on until 4 am!  By the time we got up to the room and they did the assessment, I ended up leaving the hospital at 5 am.

I was texting everyone what was going on so that was the only thing that kept me up.  Carey said she had a dream about my Mother...

Pretty weird.

It's also weird that the day before this all happened I had a long conversation with Needle about it.  It was like I knew something was going to go down. I told him that I finally realized - on my birthday -  that The Dad was getting old.  He was having a hard time getting down the steps at Cara's house and it just struck me funny... I think that's one of the only things that gets a little tricky with being an only child.  Everything falls on you. I questioned how I would handle it - if something happened. Though I should of known I would be perfectly ok.  It's hard though - especially when you're not feeling well yourself.

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