Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Mariana bracelet love all started with this purchase... a bracelet that I thought was so me - perfect colors, etc...  I think it was even $126.00 if I remember correctly. If you click on the link you can read my story on it. Cara ended up buying it off of me and gave it to her mother.  I hear she loves it and I'm so glad it went to a good home.  I have bought several other pieces since then and Chrissy got me a new bracelet for my birthday this year... turns out I have the same one! Well a similar one - my old one doesn't have the flowers so I actually like the one she got me better but it's the same family.  We were laughing saying that she obviously knows what I like...

We went back to exchange it and I had a bit of a hard time... first you have to rule out the opal-y ones... then any pearls... I'm not too crazy on black and white anything... plain crystals and ABs are too sparkly for me... I always gravitate to the warm topaz-y ones... My birthstone.  November holds my birthday and what was my wedding anniversary... RoseBud's birthday... Thanksgiving...  There was no other one to pick than this one. Plus I already had the matching earrings.  ;-)

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