Friday, November 7, 2014

I had an appointment with my radiation oncologist today...which meant I would be up bright eyed and bushy tailed and very close by to storage. So the plan was to get some breakfast and get to the job ahead of cleaning out the one unit. BUT... Roadman's was having their Holiday Open House so we thought we could go there for a bit... and maybe stop at a few other places along the way.

So, hello pancakes and friends...

Sorry I was too full to even eat you.  No offense. You know I love you.

A few of our stops...

I actually got some Christmas shopping started.  I'll probably lose everything in the house by the time December comes but still - it's a start.  And I found some lovely Halloween friends on sale... Yes, I'm the girl scavenging through the fall merch at all the Christmas open houses.

I found this lovely lady, below, hiding behind a bunch of things on the floor... at first I thought she didn't want to be found and then I thought she was just playing with me.  I took her out and threw back her cloak and knew I was hooked... She was half off but still a little pricey. I debated for a bit and then just said you're coming with me, girlfriend.

She was good with that.  Her fab style doesn't really shine through in the pic.  IRL she is stunning.

After all that shopping we had to have dinner...

...and somehow, I know it's hard to believe, we never made it to storage.  ;-(

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