Saturday, November 8, 2014

I have a bunch of fabulous pug prints from Tascha.  I haven't framed them yet because I don't know where I want them to go.  When I see them in my head I actually see them in a different house.  Not here, not Dixon House but in a house we had looked at a very long time ago on Florida Avenue in Mt. Lebanon... it had a cute little nook with benches and a table and there was one wall that I see these pictures on.  I don't have that house so I know they have to go somewhere else but I still "see" them there for some odd reason.

Today would have been our 17th wedding anniversary.  I'm not sure when you stop counting the would have beens. I'm ok with it - I'm a numbers girl... I do the RoseBud would have been and babies would have been and my mom would have been... Why not? I mean if they were that important to you - why would you just brush them aside?

I was never that girl that dreamed about my wedding when I was younger though I think we planned and had a very good one... I guess I should be happy for what I had or thought I had for so many years because I truly had very little complaints - even up until the end.

I have this other print in the same bin of pug prints.  Not Tashca - it's from Danita. Everything is perfect about it... the colors and the odd little big eyed subjects and the hands stretched out to "home."  It's a bittersweet feeling when I see it because I love it so much yet when I see it I just see what would have been... and I still don't know where to put it.

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