Sunday, August 1, 2010



I'm not sure why but I hate the word awesome. I would never ever use it.

I don't mind amazing or incredible or pretty much any other synonym for that word.

This video has been circulating for awhile. It's old - I think the girl is like fourteen now... At first it was cute and then it kind of just made me sad. There's so many people out there that seem to need to jump on their sink and do that every day. Why?

If you are awesome - just BE awesome. If you need to convince yourself - you probably have some work to do.

Obviously, pep talks aren't for me.

I would like to know what's up with all the hating going on lately? Frankly, it's a little too "third grade playground drama" for me - just seems a little strange, though. And the timing - come on people...

Maybe it's the selfish, spoiled brat in me but I kind of AM with Jessica so I'll go along with the game this once and shout out to the world: " I can do anything good - better - than - anyone."

So there.

I guess I am pretty awesome after all. ;-)

FYI - if anyone knows what Jessica says in the beginning let me know. I think she is saying I can be SARK. Just wondering. I've been a follower of SARK for years now. Yes, because I'm awesome. Oh, sorry, I think I may have already said that. ;-)

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