Sunday, August 15, 2010


It was a bit of a FOOD day yesterday... We went to a new place Lizzie told us about last week - Nola's Joint. I had the Pistachio pizza, Lizzie had the Porchetta and Chrissy had the Margherita. Very good. They served water in wine bottles at the table... had old mismatched kitchen chairs. Cute - cute - cute!

Your check came in a little sugar pack holder with teeny Italian candy in it - they were gross but adorable. Nice bread at Gemelli's next door too.

There's a new place open on the weekends at night 10-3 called FRY... all fries: waffle, curly, sweet potato, tator tots (and hot dogs.) If they served mashed potatoes I probably would have considered applying for a job there. I seriously may want to move back here just to go get tator tots on FRYdays. ;-) $2.00 french fries for drunk people - spectacular idea!!!

We went to one of the two new cupcake places in town - ndulge... Check out the Collegian's Cupcake War article here. We were going to do a "cupcake off" and go to both but we just picked the closest one...

We needed to save room for this.

Then we stopped at CCPeppers to bring Cheesesteaks home... The wall menu! ;-)

I think we may have put on the Freshman Fifteen yesterday - many years later... ;-)

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