Friday, August 6, 2010


Today was Be Nice to Old People Day. Not officially. Just in my world.
I'll start backwards...

Glo saw a sign for $1.99 sundaes so she was all over it. We HAD to stop.

Before that we went to lunch at the new Eat N' Park in the Waterworks... Our 15 minute wait turned into 55 minutes and we waited along with every other 70+ year old in Blawnox, Aspinwall, Fox Chapel and surrounding areas. One man cornered us for about 20 minutes and talked non stop about how breakfast at King's is WAY better - and $3.99 too... That pretty much summed it up but it took that long to tell us about it. Then we waited even longer since the wait staff still doesn't seem to really know what they are doing yet.
(FYI - the guy in the striped shirt and his friend ate 9 bowls of chili while we were there - 2 for him and 7 for the other guy.) I wasn't really trying to document that - I was trying to get the salad bar guy's shirt but was too far away. Is there a zoom on the new Iphone??? Anyway, it said " Yes, you PARK then EAT... we know."

Before that Glo and I went to Walgreens so she could get her Shingles vaccination. Yeah - 50 minute wait there. We did get pens. Old people like free stuff. And apparently they don't mind waiting for things.

My first stop this morning, by myself, was to pick out carpet for my Dad's house.

I went to this little place that some friends recommended. Really nice guy - older, Italian, couldn't walk very well. I took all the samples down myself - on ladders, jumping up for stuff, went back in his office to get some papers and his quote book... His wife, is 70 and looks like she's 40 - they've been married for 50 years. Two 80+ year old women that must stop in to talk all the time came in. She pulled up chairs and I sat with them while he wrote out my quote... Barb (the wife) has 6 sisters and 9 brothers... she was talking about how her kids waited until they were almost 40 to have kids and that was too late. The 80 year olds were talking about how their bones hurt... They told me to not get old. I said "too late" but never really mentioned to them that I'm going to be 40 in a few months. They thought I was a lot younger. We had a grand old time. Joe was done with his quote and I said goodbye to everyone and they told me it was nice talking to me and that I had a "kind heart" and a - get ready for this... "compassionate soul."

Barb walked me out and helped me put all the samples in the car and we were talking for awhile on the sidewalk - she thanked me for being so nice to her husband and helping him - and said I just had a way about me - so warm. She shook my hand and said - "you really are warm - warm as toast." Warm as toast. How friggin cute was that?

Then I got in the car and cried.

Just for the record - I'm always nice to old people. ;-)

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