Monday, August 9, 2010



Chrissy and I went up to State College today to clean Lizzie's apartment... she's moving into a house next week. Lizzie was on the same floor - fifth floor. I raced Chrissy to the room - I took the steps and she took the elevator. I won. I only did it once, though. I was way younger and in better shape I guess back then!

We went to get a mattress for her new bed...

I tried some out too!

We had lunch (meshugana, again!) and had to drop Lizzie off at work.
Hail to the Chief!

Chrissy and I did some errands and tried to find the only liquor store in town that had boxes... We really didn't know where we were going and turned around on prison property - on more than one occasion.

We finally found it - never been in a liquor store back room. Kind of fun. We loaded the car with boxes since Lizzie really didn't pack up as much as we expected. That is an understatement - just for the record. ;-)

and then cleaned for most of the night. We left at 8:30 AM and I walked in the door at 2:15 AM the next day!

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