Wednesday, August 18, 2010



I was reminded of this picture... I guess that's why I dreamt about her all last night. I've been without Lily the last two nights. It's not very often I sleep alone. I was happy to have snuggled with The Bud - at least in my dreams.

I've been thinking about rings and what they represent... You wear a wedding ring on your ring finger of your left hand - where a vein runs directly to your heart... You're supposed to wear your class ring with the insignia facing toward you when you are in school and away from you after graduation... Tradition. Each symbolic. All circles - round - whole - a union.

I came across this sacred geometry article and it talked about the significance of circles and their relation to the planets and sun... completion with renewal, the integrated self, change with permanence.

There's no beginning - no end... The circle of life. I feel like lifting baby Simba up now.

I was given a wonderful piece of advice by someone that knows, in a way, a lot about circles. I don't think I'll ever forget it:

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