Saturday, August 14, 2010


MOVING ON UP... to South Pugh Street

It was a pretty easy move today into Lizzie's new house...

Crepe Myrtle in the back (one of Mum's favorites.)

Totally hoping the house across the street with the orange garage and shutters goes up for sale so we can be neighbors. Loving that house!

Lizzie's mattress

and Kate's arrived at the SAME time.

And after a little trouble with the bed... the junk lady passed by - pulled into the driveway and redistributed all her metal finds...

and made room for a brand new or at least "new-to-her" queen bed! She was one happy hoarder!

We didn't have any cleaning today so we were good... We decided to fill the back of the car up with food instead... ice cream and cheesesteaks and pizza and Italian bread and cupcakes! More on that tomorrow. I'm going to bed - smelling like CCPEPPERS!

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