Thursday, August 19, 2010



Since I mentioned the circle of life yesterday I thought this photo may work for today... It's from a couple weeks ago. If you zoom REAL close - you can actually make out some ears and a little bit of a foot. Yes, it was a bunny. It lasted less than two days. Every size bird - from crows to the teeniest little ones had a piece of this poor thing. Sadly, this isn't my first dead animal post. I have to admit I was slightly mesmerized by it every time we would walk by.

I had a burgundy colored rabbit coat when I was a little kid. I loved it and remember getting lots of compliments on it. I always had a lucky rabbit's foot too.
Don't really know where I ever got them - was it the boardwalk??? Anyway, how terribly awful now that I think about it. I looked up the history of them - read here if you are interested.

RIP poor bunny. ;-(

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