Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I slept in all of those apartments in Cedarbrook. I felt a little sad when we went up to help lizzie move out. I kept going into the bedroom and laying on her bed - partly because of the cleaning product fumes and partly because of my constant need to torture myself. It was pretty much the same apartment and she had the same "bed" I did. 20 years would flash through my head every time I would sit in there and I came out teary eyed more than a few times.

I took a picture of her first trash going down the shoot and here is one of her last...

We "pledged" 520 on Monday. I don't think I ever cleaned MY apartment like I cleaned that one. In fact, I'm not so sure my house is that clean!

A million things came back to memory while we were there... Getting mail and the big boxes for "packages." One of my favorite things.

The intercom. Did we use this? They don't even have PHONES anymore!

The study lounge. Did they always have computers in there? Why can't I remember these things? ;-) I do remember my computer in our room and the dot matrix printer and NO INTERNET!

The hallways and the undescribable feeling I would get walking down them.

The laundry room and hearing our clothes behind a locked door.

I lived there for most of three years... that was a long time. It seems like a million years ago at times and then it seems like yesterday. For a couple minutes I felt like I could be going there now - and I'm not just saying that because of "freeze pop guy" asking if we were moving in or moving out when Chrissy and I got on the elevator. ;-)

These are days you'll remember... Never before and never since, I promise... will the whole world be as warm as this...

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