Sunday, August 26, 2012


Glo wanted to go to Target this afternoon... on the way back I stopped at McDonald's for iced tea... we saw there was a tractor trailer in a ravine just off the Turnpike exit ramp... Glo asked if McDonald's had ice cream and said she wanted to get some and watch the accident!  The girl told me the driver had a seizure and broke his jaw. I don't know if anything else happened to him or anyone else... they were trying to tow the truck out when we got there.  Glo told me to park in a spot so we could watch... she said she'll probably never get to see something like this again so we should do it... she said it would be like going to the drive in movies.  How could I resist that proposition?  So I parked and for 45 minutes we sat in the car and watched the "show."

She thought everyone should have applauded when they got it on the tow truck and drove away... no one did.  She did give them a silent thumbs up but I missed it on camera... When we got home she pulled up a dining room chair and waited for the news to come on so she could watch it on tv...

I hope you all aren't jealous over the fun we are having.  ;-)

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