Monday, December 23, 2013


We spent the whole friggin day and night shopping. AGAIN.  I had no intention of staying out like this but it happened.  We closed down Taipei Tokyo and then went to Kohl's... and guess what?  I STILL didn't finish up yet... I need to order some things I guess.  My shopping days are OVER for this season. FINISHED.  DONE.  Bah Humbug. I hate shopping. Anyway, this Christmas has been really weird.  Maybe it's because I'm working now - not sure. I'm in a huge amount of pain so it hasn't been that enjoyable and I just can't seem to organize my thoughts. I can't focus on anything and I have no interest in trying to and I've been really cold.  What's funny is we saw this Hot Flash Mama coffee mug today and were cracking up... me, miss hot stuff - cold?!? I'm not physically cold... just have this coldness around me. I always got this warm feeling here... and at my in-laws (at Christmas and always) and things don't feel that way anymore.  Maybe it's all the shit going on with Dixon House? I think I'm feeling it's sadness. Or maybe it's missing the old rituals and things.  You would have thought that last year being the cancer year would have been worse but it wasn't. I don't know how to explain it. Anyway,  I'm hooked on the yule log.  I spy a little tiny elf dancer in the pic I took while we were "sitting by the fire." Do you see him on the left side of the screen?

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