Monday, December 9, 2013


You know what's funny?  I don't even put a Christmas tree up... There are two up year round at the bottom of the steps and one in the living room  and a couple other ones here and there but no actual Christmas tree... there's no room and I don't even know where they are and, for some reason this year, I'm not really all that enthused.  I started going through one bin and took a few things out and then put everything all back.

I decorated the trees at work and have been making crafts there... I just can't get into it at The Dad's.  Bah Humbug.  I barely have shopping done - just a few things I ordered and I haven't even thought of what's going on for dinner... me, the girl that has the theme and menu for next Christmas-Christmas night?!? I guess those days are over.

Anyway, maybe if I watch this a few times I'll get into the Christmas spirit. I'm a sucker for flash mobs... Did you see this one?

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