Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I didn't go to bed until around 3:30 last night and The Dad was up even later... even so, I still didn't have anything finished for today.  I woke up this morning to things everywhere and a bunch of stuff to wrap...

I have always wrapped as I shopped... I would write a number on the back of the package and if I needed to return or whatever I could easily find it.  Not this year... I let everything go and here we were this morning with nothing done.  Luckily Lily didn't get up until after 11 and The Dad until after 12!

Lily is a really good shopper... she does have a built in theme, though, so it kind of makes it easier for her... Here she is doing her best impersonation of the pup on the notepad, journal and pocket calendar she got me...

And who knew that Skipper was a pug lover?  Well, I did and kind of tipped Lily off on that gift!


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