Monday, October 6, 2014

I had to go to the vets to pick up some meds for the pup the other day.  I passed by the house on my way.  You know, I got made fun of for posting a picture of Dixon House the last time I was there.  That still blows my mind. I will never, never understand that.  That still sits heavy on my heart. I sat in front of the house for awhile and saw, in my mind, the kids walking to school with their parents... yelling out "that's where RoseBud lives." The same scene I would see from the bedroom window every morning.  I can't imagine what they think now.  The poor neighbors.

What a shame. This was my home.  Our home.  The days and months put into picking out the perfect paint colors and the clouds on the ceilings and the trips to Rolliers... I'm sorry Dixon House.  So sorry. I know it's not very fun to be discarded.

I did get to stop at Marshall's and TjMaxx and go to Sonic for a tea and Portman's for ham!

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