Friday, October 31, 2014

We don't get any kids here. We didn't last year so I didn't plan for it this year.  I didn't even buy anything to give out. The weather was yucky and we didn't leave the light on. Still - The Dad insisted that all the house lights stayed off.  Like I was going to answer the door anyway if the doorbell rang!  I literally ate my pork chops and applesauce by lantern light!

It's been a crazy couple days with Halloween parties and activities at work... the kids/grandkids of the staff came the other night and Lily did too - she did room visits in costume and we had our big party today.  Cindy and I did a pumpkin carving demonstration and put the pumpkins out by the entrance...

Still miss the good old days - at the house... with my mason jar lights and the kids coming to the door while we were eating my birthday dinner and RoseBud showing off her costume...

The residents just love the Lily Bud... If you didn't know it by now my puppy dog rocks. Take a look at my beautiful cowPUG here.

Happy Halloween to all and here's to the little paranoid boy that used to come to the door at Dixon House and frantically ask if there were nuts in any of our treats.  I'll forever think of you on Halloween. ;-)

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