Friday, October 24, 2014

Another day of SAP.

Storage Avoidance Procedure.

I know - again... My one day off this week and what did we do?  We went to Penn State!

This time - Behrend - to get Michael.

We went up a little early to go shopping while he was in class... it was my first time up there so I wanted to look around.  In true Jeannine fashion - yes - we stopped at the grocery store! I had to check it out and get muffins. I LOVE YOU WEGMANS!

I asked several people if they could give us some recommendations for lunch that weren't chains... weirdly no one could come up with anything. They all just raved about the big restaurants we were already familiar with. There's everything up there.  We ended up at a place in the mall. I had a really delicious club sandwich on jalapeno corn bread with roasted red pepper mayo. The restaurant was Firebirds which I've never been to one so we thought we could make an exception on our go to where the locals go/mom and pop roadtrip eating rule! The BLT salad was delicious too.

The sink was fabulous in the restaurant bathroom... as well as the tile and one little lit candle above the toilet stalls.  Seriously - check out this sink!

We finally got to Michaels - a little late because of a stop off at Marshall's to look for more unneeded Christmas houses...

I didn't get any BTW!

I love college dorm rooms.  His was pretty sparse - only one little decoration on the windowsill.

I would love to have a replica of my dorm room in a spare bedroom. I actually still have the sheets and comforter in storage so I have a good start!

I don't remember our dorm study lounges being this good looking!

Still feel a little guilty for not taking advantage of this day and cleaning out storage. Our goal was to get it down to one unit by November 1st.  That's not happening.  It was a really good road trip, though, so it was worth it!

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